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Live music boosts Bristol economy to the tune of £123 million
Last year saw the city of Bristol’s local economy bolstered by live music to the tune of £123 million, according to new research by Buckinghamshire New University and UK Music.
Published by the Music Academic Partnership, the research highlights the vast economic, cultural and social impact of live music to the city of Bristol in 2015. The Bristol live music census found that last year live music generated £123m of revenue towards the local economy and helped support 927 FTE jobs in the city.
Source: Mi-pro Website

Gwen Stefani to Broadcast TV's First Live Music Video During Grammy Night
Solo Gwen Stefani is back, and she's making history with a one-of-a-kind approach to her new music video.
Shortly after announcing that Stefani's third solo album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, was coming March 18, Target revealed that her next music video will air during the 2016 Grammys.
Actually, it's more complicated than that -- Gwen's "Make Me Like You" video will be acted out, filmed and broadcast live during a four-minute Grammys commercial break on CBS.
Source: Billboard Website

Al Qasba Street Fiesta to feature live music, art, food
Preparations are in place for the street fiesta at Al Qasba called Qabam, taking place from March 10-19. The event will be a fusion of music and art, transforming Al Qasba Walkways into an artistic venue featuring live music, art activities and exclusive performances by renowned artists from around the world.
Akiro Endo, a freestyle artist from Japan, will create live art pieces inspired by dance beats and rhythms from March 15-19. Endo, one of the international street art performers taking part at the fiesta, dances himself into a trancelike state and then creates unique art pieces from his dream like state.
Source: Khaleejtimes Website

Delicious chili, live music and more during WMSE’s 14th annual “Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser”
More than 50 Milwaukee restaurants, cafes and caterers clashed at the Kern Center Sunday, March 6th in a competition to determine who has the best chili.
It was all a part of WMSE's 14th annual "Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser."
Along with the chili, there was live music, chili pepper races and art activities for kids.
Awards were given out in five categories: best meat, best vegetarian, most unique chili, best heat and best vendor display.
Source: Fox6now Website

Controversial lockout laws cause live music ticket sales to plummet by 40 PER CENT - as Australian musicians campaign to 'Keep Sydney Open'
Live music ticket sales in the Sydney lockout zone have plummeted by 40 per cent since the controversial laws were introduced by the NSW state government two years ago, a federal government report has found.
The 40 per cent fall in the Sydney CBD coincided with a 19 per cent decline in ticket sales across all live music venues and a 15 per cent drop in the amount venues spend on live performers.
The statistics are based on data collected from one year prior to the introduction of the lockout laws until earlier this month by APRA-AMCOS through the federal government's Live Music Office.

Source: Dailymail Website

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Last year saw the city of Bristol's local economy bolstered by live music to the tune of £123 million, according to new research


"We've covered how to set up a PA system, here's a couple of helpful pointers on how to blend a live band. A bad display mix can turn a great program into a dreadful one, and regretfully you'll be the very first to be blamed for the band not being able to hear each other. The simplest way to get a good screen mix is to set the levels of the instruments first"